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SCRAN Image Archive

Scotland's History - Making of Industrial and Urban Scotland - New Lanark 
by Education Scotland (formerly LTS)

UNESCO World Heritage Centre

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New Lanark Booklets:
The Story of New Lanark  ~  New Lanark Heritage Trail  ~  Living in New Lanark  ~  The Story of Robert Owen
New Lanark Village Store & the Development of the Co-operative Movement   ~  New Lanark Power Trail   
Learning Resources on CD:
Living in New Lanark : A Study of Living Conditions over the past 200 years [Curriculum for Excellence: Social Studies: Second Level]
New Lanark & the Industrial Revolution [Curriculum for Excellence: Social Studies: Second Level]
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Robert Owen Museum in Newtown, Wales


Historic New Harmony

BBC: Primary History: The Industrial Revolution & Victorian Britain

BBC: Who wants to be a cotton millionaire?

BBC: Muck and Brass: Run a city during the Industrial Revolution

Child Labour and the Textile Industry  by Spartacus Educational

The National Archives Learning Curve - Empire and Industry

The National Archives Learning Curve - Victorian Britain

Scotland's History - Making of Industrial and Urban Scotland 
by Education Scotland (formerly LTS)

Spinning the Web

Other interesting mills around the UK:
Stanley Mills
Cressbrook Mill
Cromford Mill
Quarry Bank Mill
Saltaire Village

BBC: The British Slave Trade and its Abolition

The International Slavery Museum, Liverpool

Parliament and the British Slave Trade 1600 - 1833 by the Houses of Parliament

Remembering Slavery Online Exhibition by Tyne & Wear Archive & Museums

Scotland and the Abolition of the Slave Trade  by Education Scotland (formerly LTS)

Scotland and the Slave Trade by the National Library of Scotland

Slavery, the Transatlantice Slave Trade & Scotland by the National Archives of Scotland

Slavery and Glasgow by SCRAN (Scottish Archive Network)

The Campaign for Abolition by The British Library

The Underground Railroad by National Geographic

Understanding Slavery Initiative



International Labour Organisation

Looking Behind the Logo by Oxfam

Have a look at the Rights links too!

Amnesty International

The United Nations Millennium Development Goals

Change the World in 8 Steps  by Oxfam Global Citizenship

The UK Department for International Development - DFID

Global Dimension - Resources for Teachers

International Labour Organisation - Useful for Teachers


The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child  by the Scottish Government

Save the Children

Scotland's Commissioner for Children and Young People

The United Nations and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights



Agrocel Cotton Co-operative

The Co-operative College

Co-operative Education Trust Scotland - Resources for Teachers

The Co-operative Group

Divine Chocolate Co-operative

Fairtrade Foundation

Fenwick Weavers' Co-operative, Ayrshire

Kuapa Kokoo Cocoa Farmers' Co-operative


Rochdale Pioneers Museum

Scottish Fairtrade Forum

BBC History for Kids

BBC Scotland Learning - Find out more about the Highalnd Clearances

National Museums Scotland for Kids

SCRAN - Fantastic digital archive

Spartacus Educational Resource
Interesting sections on the Textile Industry, Child Labour & The Transatlantic Slave Trade
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New Lanark: A Case Study
Child Labour in the Past
Child Labour Today
Fairtrade & Cotton 

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